Derse iQ Cloud Privacy Policy

The privacy policy below applies only to personal information collected via the Derse iQ Cloud Lead Retrieval system on behalf of our contracted clients (referred to below as "iQ Cloud"). Personally identifiable data collected via iQ Cloud is not used by Derse, Inc. for its own purposes. Derse, Inc. maintains a separate privacy policy pertaining to personally identifiable data that is collected and stored for its own use, available here.

Personal information we collect on behalf of our clients

We collect personal information primarily through tradeshow registration systems on behalf of our contracted iQ Cloud clients via tradeshow/event badge scans. We also collect personal information directly through iQ Cloud via manual entry or business card transcription. The data we collect includes:
  • Personal information such as:
    • Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Address, Job Title/Position, Social media handles.
  • Employer contact information such as:
    • Company/Employer Name, Address, Phone Number, Business email address.
  • Survey information collected via iQ Cloud custom survey interface such as:
    • Personal interest in our contracted client's products and services.

How we use personal information

This information is collected for the purpose of:
  • Collecting tradeshow/event leads to be stored on behalf of, and transferred to, our contracted Clients for the purpose of lead retrieval and qualification, as directed by our contracted clients.
  • Distributing pre and post tradeshow/event email communication on behalf of our contracted Clients.
  • Creating aggregated, anonymized market-trend and/or event specific reports to be shared with our contracted Clients.

Sharing of personal information

Personal information is shared with the contracted Clients who collect your information via the iQ Cloud lead retrieval system, per each requested event. We also may share your personal information with third-party, technology-based services for the purpose of providing data to our contracted Clients. These services include:
  • Technology and technology-related service providers:
    • Tradeshow/event registration companies
    • Business card transcription services
    • Email management services
    • Cloud based database services
    • Cloud based data transfer services
  • Client managed sales and marketing platforms
    • Such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.
We may also share your personal information to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and to protect against fraud or other illegal activity, and liability.

Opting-out of future communications

iQ Cloud does not maintain ongoing mailing lists for the purpose of recurring marketing campaigns from personal information collected via iQ Cloud.

Pre or post tradeshow/event communications may be sent to you from iQ Cloud on behalf of our contracted Clients, per event. You have the ability to opt-out of receiving future communications from iQ Cloud on behalf our contracted Clients, per event, by submitting a Personal Data Request.

Requests for data access, accuracy, deletion and transfer

You may submit a request to access, update, delete or transfer the data held by iQ Cloud by submitting a Personal Data Request. Following your Personal Data Request, some personal data may be stored in accordance with Derse’s data retention policy to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

You may also contact Derse directly to fulfill personal data requests:

Data Protection Officer
Derse, Inc.
3800 W. Canal St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208